Grocery Bill: How to Keep it Under Control


Want to reduce your grocery bill, but finding it challenging to bring it under control? Let me share a few simple but effective tips with you.

First and foremost, prepare a list of grocery items that you would require for one week. The list should cater to five meals consisting of different food items such as salad, vegetables, rice, fish and meat. Here you might also include the food that you want to take to your work. The variety in the food items provides you with a balanced diet and prevents your extra spending from eating outside food. The meal plan and the list hold the key to the majority of your saving, so take time to prepare them with thought and care.

Visit the grocery shop on Sunday or Monday every week with this list in hand. Avoid visiting the store when you are hungry, too filled up or emotionally unrest. Better still, try to shop online. This helps you substantially by preventing unnecessary purchase happening through temptation.

Always check the expiry date of the item you purchase. The expiry date should always be after the date you intend to use the item. In this way, you can save money which goes waste when we discard the unusable food items.

Purchase containers of different sizes and label them to store extra food items for later use. Sometimes you can cook food in large quantities and store it in these containers for consumption on another day, thus saving both cooking time and fuel.


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